It’s Here!!!

It’s finally here!!! Despite what the side bar has been showing for some weeks now, I’ve finally merged in a fix for the last user-facing critical bug! That means that as of now, the website is now open for general use. Please leave a comment if you see any bugs or things that I missed.… Continue reading It’s Here!!!

It’s Still Coming…

Like the title says, the site is still coming! The sidebar is now updated to reflect the new date!

Moving to PHP 7

Hi everyone, I’m bringing the webserver down briefly to upgrade to PHP7. See you all soon.   EDIT: Move complete. We’re back online!


Hello everyone, welcome to the new and shiny Mellifluous Blog! The purpose of this blog is to help pass along info about development. I decided on WordPress rather than a homebrew solution because I feel like the attempt to make a new solution would take away time from the actual updates. So, in short, WordPress.… Continue reading Welcome