It’s Here!!!

It’s finally here!!! Despite what the side bar has been showing for some weeks now, I’ve finally merged in a fix for the last user-facing critical bug! That means that as of now, the website is now open for general use. Please leave a comment if you see any bugs or things that I missed.

Enjoy the site!!!

P.S. Pretty much all of my sites use cookies. By using this site, along with any other sites on my domain, you are consenting to the use of cookies!
P.P.S The cookies are harmless, don’t track you, but are necessary for proper use of the website.


Hello everyone, welcome to the new and shiny Mellifluous Blog!

The purpose of this blog is to help pass along info about development. I decided on WordPress rather than a homebrew solution because I feel like the attempt to make a new solution would take away time from the actual updates.

So, in short, WordPress.


Stay tuned for updates!